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**recommended salt, sugar, carb and protein intake**

     sugar - 25g for woman, 38g for men per day

     salt - 4 to 6g per day

     carb -225 to 335g per day (60-70% of calories) 

     protein - 0.8 grams per kilo body weight.

**our 1 california roll contains 110 grams or carb, 4 grams of sugar, and 0.4 grams or salt.

**our 1 chicken teriyaki with rice bowl contains

100 grams of carb, 48 grams of protein, 0 grams of sugar, 2.5 grams of salt.


We are here to help your diet

Here is how we prepare our food

1. Fish and Meat

we do not use any precooked fish and/or meat.

we fillet and cut our fish and meat in house.

2. Salt.

we make our food without chemical salt. 

our saltiness comes from our yamasa soy sauce.

we do not add any salt to our meat or veggies.

3. Sugar

our sweetness is from 50% of sugar, 25% of fruit glucose liquid, 25% of unsweetened.

our rice vinegar contains 50% less sugar than normal rice vinegar.

4. Dairy

we do not use any dairy product.

however, our tempura batter may contain dairy product less than 1%.

5. Soy sauce.

soy sauce is very important ingredient for Japanese food. our soy sauce contains less than 2% of gluten.

we also have Tamari soy sauce which is gluten free.

It can be provided for extra charge.

6. Gluten

many of our item can be sold as gluten free.

it will be sold without our sauce.